As a business if you’re not online in 2021 (especially after the past year we’ve had) then your business is either super special, or you’re struggling.

Sadly if you’ve overhauled your website or added other online services in the past 12 months in a rush due to COVID-19 restrictions, you’ve likely 1) paid to much, 2) will be paying too much ongoing, 3) did not get the quality promised, 4) you still aren’t being found online.

That’s where intellekt come in, we’re the website auditors. We can tell you objectively whether you have a quality website or not, whether that big SEO program you’re paying monthly for is actually working (a clue, most is going straight into the web agency’s pocket for no effort), how about those Google Ads? We audit those too.

We are a metrics company that helps you to work out if you’re getting a return on investment and if not we help you find someone who will get you results and we hold them to it!