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800 in cash

Faith in humanity momentarily restored. Wendy Reuer of the Forum News Service reports: “When 19 year old Erica Clark found an envelope full of crisp $100 bills in a McDonald’s parking lot [in Moorhead], she couldn’t help but wonder if someone’s Christmas had just been ruined. ‘All I could think about was what if someone was going Christmas shopping and all their money was gone,’ she said. Clark had stopped for lunch at the Eighth Street McDonald’s and was returning to her car on Tuesday afternoon when she found the Wells Fargo envelope stuffed with $2,800. Without hesitation, she took steps to find a way to get the money back to its rightful owner. The man [who lost the money] reached out to Clark shortly after learning she returned his money on Tuesday afternoon. Clark said the man wants to thank her for her kindness in person and the two plan to meet this week. Clark, who is studying elementary inclusive education at Minnesota State University Moorhead, said she doesn’t expect a reward.”

Likewise . this guy John Myers of the Duluth News Tribune writes: “Matt Seppo could have simply thrown the old photos in the trash. The St. Louis County property manager was trying to clear out som ugg bailey button e old county ‘stuff’ in a storage room at the Chris Jensen nursing home in Duluth a few years ago, when he ran into dusty plastic bags with old photos and photo albums inside. The photos didn’t belong to anyone currently at the nursing home. But Seppo, a history buff and amateur genealogist, decided to hang on to them. Seppo used basic tools, like phone books and Google, but also found help at the genealogy site of the Church of Latter day Saints, the Mormons, where he earlier had success tracking down his own lineage.”

The counter attack seems to be working Josephine Marcotty of the Strib tells us: “Stingless wasps, the natural ash borer predator that were introduced in three sites in Minnesota two years ago, are reproducing, spreading, and killing ash borers, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture reported Wednesday. Earlier this fall, scientists found wasp larvae in trees that were being checked for emerald ash borer, and the larvae were positively identified as offspring of the wasps that had been introduced two years ago. ‘This is a major step in our battle with EAB,’ said Monika Chandler, MDA Biological Control Program Coordinator.”

We’re No. 3! According to a new study from the UnitedHealth Foundation, only Hawaii and Vermont are healthier than we are. Says the report: “Strengths:

Low prevalences of physical inactivity diabetes

High rate of high school graduation

Low rates of premature death cardiovascular disease deaths High prevalence of binge drinking

Low per capita public health funding

Low immunization coverage among children In the past year, the prevalence of physical inactivity decreased from 21.9 percent to 17.5 percent of the adults; however, almost 740,000 adults remain physically inactive in the state.

In the past year, the incidence of pertussis decreased from 21.6 to 12.4 cases per 100,000 population.

In the past 10 years, the percentage of children in poverty increased from 8.4 percent to 13.7 percent of persons younger than 18 years.

Minnesota’s prevalence of diabetes is among the lowest in the nation; however, nearly 310,000 adults have diabetes in the state.”

Meanwhile Duluth’s Northland News Center adds: “Wisconsin earned the 20th spot on the list. The Badger’s states strengths include low percentage of uninsured population and unlike its neighboring state, high immunization among children. Challenges also include binge drinking and health funding.”

But we’re only “middle of the pack” on this one Says the AP: “Federal government numbers released Wednesday show Minnesota in the middle of the pack in signups so far for private insurance under the federal health overhaul, with 4, 478 people. However, the feds say an additional 5,703 people who signed up for MinnesotaCare through MNsure would have been eligible for private insurance in other states, which puts Minnesota closer to the front of the pack.” Oh, OK. Never mind then.

But also on the “better” side . Christopher Magan of the PiPress says: “More Minnesota preschoolers are ready for kindergarten, a key indica ugg bailey button tor of future academic success. That’s the result of a new study by the Minnesota Department of Education released Wednesday. It found 73 percent of children surveyed were ready for kindergarten in 2012, up from 60 percent the year before. ‘Students who have access to high quality early learning are more likely to start school fully prepared and then stay on track academically,’ Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius said in a statement announcing the study’s results. More than 7,500 kindergartners from 126 elementary schools around ugg bailey button the state were assessed at the be ugg bailey button ginning of the 2012 2013 school year.”

Some retrenchment by TCF. Evan Ramstad of the Strib says: “TCF Financial Corp. said Wednesday it will close a downtown Minneapolis branch and 37 located in grocery stores in the Chicago area between now and the end of March. The move comes after a recent review of its network of branches that was designed ‘to determine how best to deploy its resources,’ the Wayzata based bank company said in a statement. TCF said it will take a pretax charge of $7.6 million in its fiscal fourth quarter to account for costs related to closing the units and related job cuts.”

More on the college student found passed out in sub zero temperatures in Duluth. Saturday as she and her boyfriend drove by. ‘I was surprised nobody had seen her,’ Johnson said. ‘It was hard to miss her.’ The couple called 911 and emergency crews arrived quickly. Johnson, who is a lifeguard, said she has had to help people in trauma before but has ‘never seen anyone look like that.’ The male driver who dropped Lommel off at her house told police she was walking and talking and didn’t appear extremely intoxicated, according to the police report. Lommel’s medical team has been testing the circulation in her limbs, the family wrote, and working to reduce swelling.”

‘Inclusive’ education is a system in which children with learning disabilities are taught in a classroom setting with other children who do not have learning disabilities. so that you aren’t putting special needs / learning impaired children ONLY with other special needs children. so it’s a degree that focuses in a specific type of classroom environment, one that includes various levels of student learning ability.

It has nothing to do with racial or gender identity nor religious or political affiliation.

It would be nice if you performed at least a modicum of research before you jump to outrage at the use of the word ‘inclusive’ in an education degree.

ugg bailey button 800 in bag fees spark outrage

800 in bag fees spark outrage

military personnel traveling on orders to check more bags for free. Army soldiers returning from Afghanistan complained that they were charged almost $3,000 in bag fees by the carrier.

“We regret that this experience caused these soldiers to feel anything but welcome on their return home,” wrote Rachael Rensink, manager of Delta Social Media, in an updated ugg bailey button post on the carrier’s blog.

The Delta incident sparked outrage online after the servi ugg bailey button cemen spoke out about their experience in a video posted on YouTube. Army Staff Sgts. Fred Hilliker and Robert O’Hair.

The men, who were bound for Fort Polk, Louisiana, said their military travel orders allowed them to carry up to four bags, but when they arrived at the airport in Baltimore, Delta told them it allows military personnel to check only three bags for free.

Members of the unit who were traveling with four bags ended up paying out of pocket for their extra luggage, the soldiers said in the video. They were charged $200 per extra bag, so the 34 member unit ended up paying more than $2,800 in bag fees, the soldiers added.

Any extra bag fees charged by an airline will be reimbursed by the government, a militar ugg bailey button y spokeswoman told CNN affiliate WGCL in Atlanta.

One of the soldiers in the video said the bag he had to pay for was a weapons case that contained “the tools that I used to protect myself and Afghan citizens while I was deployed in the country.”

The other man then looked into the camera, exasperated.

“Good business model, Delta,” he said sarcastically. “Not happy, not happy at all,” he added, shaking his head. military personnel allowed them to check up to four bags in First/Business class and three bags in coach for free.

Other airlines, such as United, American, Continental and US Airways, have had or continue to have similar rules. military personnel traveling on orders would now be allowed to check up to four bags for free in coach and up to five bags at no charge in First and Business Class.

In wake of the Delta incident, United/Continental announced Wedn ugg bailey button esday it was also allowing more bags.

“United and Continental are waiving the fourth checked bag fee for military personnel traveling on orders in recognition of their sacrifice and service to our country,” Christen David, a spokeswoman for United/Continental Airlines, said in an e mail.

ugg bailey button 800 in bag fees for Army unit

800 in bag fees for Army unit returning from Afghanistan ignites backlash

WASHINGTON Delta Air Lines hastily changed its baggage fees for troops Wednesday after a YouTube video showed soldiers complaining that they had to pay $200 apiece to check extra bags as they made their way home from Afghanistan.

The video was posted Tuesday and was viewed almost 200,000 times before it was removed the next day by the person who put it up. By Wednesday afternoon, a Facebook page called Boycott Delta for Soldiers had sprung up, and the airline was backpedaling and apologizing to the soldiers.

In the video, titled “Delta Airlines Welcomes Soldiers Home,” two Army staff sergeants say their unit was told it would cost $200 apiece to check a fourth bag on a Tuesday morning flight from the Baltimore Washington airport to Atlanta a total bill of more than $2,800.

The Defense Department typically reimburses such costs, which the soldiers may not have known before they made their displeasure known. The airline said late Wednesday that it would refund the fees if the government doesn’t cover the bill. By then, the public relations damage to Delta was done.

In the video, one sergeant, Robert O’Hair, wearing a camouflage uniform and sitting inside the plane, says his fourth bag was a weapons case containing an M4 carbine rifle, a grenade launcher and a 9 millimeter pistol that he had used in Afghanistan.

“The tools I used to protect myself and Afghan citizens while I was deployed,” O’Hair says.

With a bite to his voice, the other sergeant Fred Hilliker of Allendale, Mich. closes the video: “Good business model, Delta. Thank you. We’re actually happy to be back to America. God bless America. Not happy, not happy at all. Appreciate it.

Initially, Delta apologized to the soldiers but didn’t change its policy. It posted a blog item attributed to an anonymous customer service representative explaining that Delta allows troops traveling in economy class up to three bags free but charges for the fourth.

As the storm of online complaints about the incident grew, the airline posted a new blog item Wednesday saying fourth bags will now be free for troops tr ugg bailey button aveling in economy class and five bags will be free for those traveling in business class.

In a blog post, Delta said it regretted “that this experience caused these soldiers to feel anything but welcome on their return home.” Airline officials declined to answer further questions.

One sergeant in the video said the unit was returning from Afghanistan to Fort Polk in Louisiana. Paul Boyce, a spokesman for Army Forces Command, said the soldiers who made the video weren’t available for interviews.

“I don’t know if Delta is going to reimburse these individual soldiers or not, but I do know that we would,” Boyce said. “In the past, the airlines, if there’s been some sort of a misunderstanding, have done that.”

At least some of the soldiers traveling on the flight were with an Army Reserve unit based in Oklahoma, Boyce said. He said troops on the plane were returning from a military training center in Kabul. He did not have the name of their uni ugg bailey button t.

It was not clear why the video was removed from YouTube. The soldiers in the video also did not explain the total bill of more than $2,800 in detail.

It’s not unusual for returning soldiers to check weapons when fl ugg bailey button ying on a commercial airline if the weapons have been certified as unloaded, said Joe Davis, a spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Washington office, who was critical of the fee.

“A $200 bill for extra baggage by a government contracted airline is the worst welcome home any soldier could receive,” Davis said. He a ugg bailey button cknowledged the troops would be reimbursed but said, “The shock of even being charged is enough to make most servicemen and women simply shake their heads and wonder who or what it is they are protecting.”

The incident underscored how quickly a company’s reputation can be tarnished when a Web video, online picture or posting goes viral. And airline passengers have made no secret of their hatred of baggage fees, which have become common in recent years.

The lesson, said Jonathan Bernstein, president of Bernstein Crisis Management Inc., is that companies should let airline workers make decisions in the name of good customer service. In this case, the Delta employee who handled the fee was just following the rules of Delta Air Lines Inc.

“Then those situations never have to escalate into crises,” Bernstein said. “They (Delta) end up with a hit on their reputation that they could have avoided.”

On YouTube, Facebook and other websites, posts were overwhelmingly critical of the airline, some suggesting that Delta was insensitive to the tough conditions troops face in Afghanistan and that flying them home completely free was the least the airline could do.

At least one congressman joined the fray. Rep. Bruce Braley, D Iowa, called on Delta to immediately reimburse the soldiers.

“Since being elected to Congress, I have logged hundreds of thousands of miles on Delta the only carrier serving my home airport in Waterloo,” Braley said in a statement. “If Delta doesn’t reimburse these soldiers and reconsider its approach to servicing our troops, I’ll have to reconsider using their service.”

Other airlines have policies similar to the one that got Delta in trouble. United and American both allow three checked bags for free for active duty military personnel.

ugg bailey button 800 Found On Trash Can In Clar

800 Found On Trash Can In Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Nearly $13,00 found in a bank bag on top of a trash can in Clarksville, Tenn. is back in the hands of its owner, who was hospitalized after having an adverse reaction to medication.The man took the bag of cash to Cush Market on Peacher Mill Road Saturday. Surveillance video showed him payi ugg bailey button ng for an ice cream sandwich by dumping all that cash on the counter. He then put the money back inside the bag and went outside to eat his ice cream.In the video you can see the 51 year old place the bag on top of a trash can and ea ugg bailey button t the ice cream. When he finished he walked back to his car, but left the bag of cash behind. ugg bailey button More than 40 minutes passed and nearly 100 people walked by the trash can and no one looked to see what was in the bag.The bag was eventually spotted.”My wife was sitting in the car and she noticed the bag,” said Kenneth Allen.The 49 year old went over and picked up the bag and brought it back to his car and looked inside.”And that when I saw what turns out to be like $12,700,” Allen said.Not sure what to do Allen got back inside his car and locked the doors to be safe since he did not know why the bag was left behind.”I was thinking who watching me, is someone going to see this also in my hands and is something going to happen,” Allen admitted.While he counted the cash in the bag Allen found the owner wallet.”We went to the address that was on the guy license. Tried to locate him that way. There was no answer at his house,” according to Allen.That is when the Allen went to Cush market and looked at surveillance video. But they could not determine the man identity so they later called police.Clarksville Police eventually identified the man who left the money behind.”Turns out the guy had a medical condition and he was acting adversely to the medication,” Allen said.Police have since returned the cash to the owner. MathewsFuneral Services Monday For Former US Sen. Sen. Sen. more>>A Nashville man has been accused of attempted murder and arson after he all ugg bailey button egedly set fire to a local business due to a dispute with an employee. more>>

ugg bailey button 800 For Extra Bags By Delta Ai

800 For Extra Bags By Delta Airlines CBS Dallas

Army soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan had to actually pay ugg bailey button to check some of their luggage, just like civilians do here at home.

The soldiers, traveling from overseas through Baltimore and Atlanta on their way to ugg bailey button Fort Polk, Louisiana, had brought their gear back with them and Delta Airlines charged the squadron of men an additional $2,800 in baggage fees. The soldiers videotaped their accounts of what happened and posted it on YouTube.

According to the soldiers, Delta has an agreement with our Armed Forces over the baggage fees. But th ugg bailey button e policy states that for military members, three checked bags are allowed in coach and four checked bags are allowed in first class. 14 of the soldiers had fourth bags, and they cost and additional $200 each which each soldier had to pay out of pocket.

Delta apologised for the miscommunication but didn say anything about waiving the baggage fees.

Reacting to public outcry, Delta sa ugg bailey button ys it will allow members of the military to check four bags for free.

Delta Air Lines Inc. has long allowed three checked bags for active duty military members flying in coach, with charges beginning with a fourth bag. The soldiers said their travel orders allowed four bags.

The video of the two soldiers on a flight from Baltimore to Atlanta went viral and put Delta on the defensive. The video had clocked more than 170,000 views on YouTube by midday Wednesday. It has since been removed by the creator/owner of the video.

ugg bailey button 80 Samson Street White Gum Val

80 Samson Street White Gum Valley WA 6162

Right on Freo’s doorstep, this 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom townhouse i ugg bailey button s on a quiet tree lined street in a great location it’s less than 3 klms into Freo (a gentle walk down the hill to Galati’s o ugg bailey button n Wray Ave or a little further to the Cappuccino strip)

Step inside from your undercover parking to a spacious light, bright, open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room. Cool white walls, wooden floors, great security and plenty of storage under the stairs create a very functional and easy living home.

A good sized laundry with extra storage leads to a paved courtyard shaded by a perfumed Frangipani tree, perfect for a quiet cuppa on a Saturday morning listening to the bird song or a relaxing glass of wine in the quiet of the evening.

Upstairs the two bedrooms and bathroom are light and airy and the main bedroom features a fabulous built in robe. The neutral colour scheme continues upstairs and is complimented by Sisal carpets (great for asthmatics and allergies) on the stairs and in the bedrooms.

Be quick before it’s too late as this property will not last long.

View Sold Properties for this Location View Auction Results Property No. 116803375

Page Visits: 237Outdoor Features Carport Spaces:2

Floorplans Interactive Tours Details not provided

white gum valley Suburb Profile

Thinking of l ugg bailey button iving in white gum valley?

Explore the prices, people and lifestyle that’s on offer.

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ugg bailey button 80 mn contract from Orange Swi

80 mn contract from Orange Switzerland

New Delhi: IT firm iGate Wednesday said it has bagged a five year contract with Orange Communications SA (Orange Switzerland), valued at USD 80 million, to transform the telecom provider’s IT infrastructure and rationalise its vendor landscape in Switzerland.

iGate will take responsibility for transforming and managing all enterprise systems, including ERP, business intelligence, infrastructure and data ugg bailey button network and telephony services, the US based company said in a statement.

“Beyond demonstrating their depth and IP led capability, iGATE showed that they understood our business requirements and responded with flexibility and innovation. We look forward to working together in the years ahead,” Orange Switzerland Chief Technology Officer Johan ugg bailey button Hall said.

The contract was awarded following a rigorous selection process run by Orange Switzerland.

IGate will also provide Infrastructure ugg bailey button as a Service for Orange Switzerland and specific partners as well as a multilingual service desk to monitor and report all vendor performance metrics.

The data centre is operated through Equinix in Zurich where iGate also has contracts with other Swiss companies from the finance and insurance sectors, it said.

Orange has 939 employees and is present with 94 Orange centres and with more than 2,700 outlets across Switzerland.

Orange Communications SA is a wholl ugg bailey button y owned subsidiary of Matterhorn Mobile SA, a company indirectly majority owned by funds advised by Apax Partners LLP.

ugg bailey button 80 million iPhone 5 sales are

80 million iPhone 5 sales are already

Asked what phone theywere going to buy next, 65% said an Apple (AAPL) iPhone, 19% said a Google (GOOG ugg bailey button ) Android, 6.5% said “not asmartphone,” 6% said “I don’t know,” and 2.5% said a Research in Motion (RIMM) Blackberry.

51% of respondents who planned on making the iPhone ugg bailey button theirnext smartphone (whether current iPhone users or not) said they were waiting for theiPhone 5.

94.2% of iPhone users plan to buy an iPhone for their next phone,improving upon last year’s rate of 93%. If you throw in half of the 2.9% of iPhone owners who were still unsure, the re buy rate rises to nearly 95.7%.

Android phones were measured at a re buy rate of 60%, up from 47% last year. “While the improvement is a positive sign,” Munster writes, “Android is still losing 33% of current users to theiPhone.

Shown unlabeled scale drawings of an iPhone and aDroid Razr Maxx, 56% preferred the phone with the smaller screen, which makes one ugg bailey button wonder why Apple would want to increase the iPhone 5’s screen size, as rumored.

“The iPhone represents 50%+ of Apple’s revenue,” Muster points out, “making Apple future largely reliant on the su ugg bailey button ccess of the iPhone.”

But he’s not worried. Given the better than 94% re buy rate and the 51% of all phone owners waiting for the iPhone 5, Munster estimates that more than half of his projected 170 million iPhone sales for fiscal 2013 are already, as he puts it, “in the bag.”

ugg bailey button 80 Bucks for Two Bags of Groce

80 Bucks for Two Bags of Groceries WFM

So on Friday morning I was sitting there trying to figure out what I’d have for dinner that night. Lately I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. Working out almost every day. Almost no meat in my diet. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables etc. So I was trying to think of something excellent yet super healthy to eat for dinner tonight and my mind somehow ugg bailey button ended up with a summer heirloom tomato salad. You know the kind, big colorful heirlooms, a little mozzarella cheese, some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. YUM!

Now I haven’t been to Whole Foods Market (WFMI) in a long time. Kristopher and I got some sushi there a ways back, but it’s not a place I go often. But I knew Safeway (SWY) wouldn’t have heirloom tomatoes, so Whole Foods in Berkeley it was.

The problem with going to Whole Foods to pick up some heirloom tomatoes is that it is sooooo easy to get distracted by all the other beautiful food there. Ohhhh, fresh organic raspberries! Oh, and just look those beautiful red peppers, etc. The kids and I even bought a coconut. We’d never had one before so we bought one and then figured out how to open it on the internet. Fun.

Anyways, everything was going ok. I had my camera with me as always and I stopped at the heirloom tomatoes and tried to shoot a couple of them with my macro lens. It was at this point that one of the helpful Whole Foods employees stopped me.

Him: “Um excuse me Sir, you can’t take pictures in here.”

Me: “Umm, I’m just taking a few photos of these heirlooms, they are beautiful.”

Him: “It’s not my policy Sir, it’s corporate. No photography in the store.”

Me: “But I’m going to buy the heirlooms.”

Him: “I ugg bailey button know Sir, it’s corporate policy.”

So at this point I put my camera away and headed on my way.

Now, I’m not protesting Whole Food’s right to not allow me to shoot in their store. This is not like an incident from a public street where I tend to go agro a bit on people sometimes. This is private property. I mean, I’m paying them over $80 for two bags of groceries ugg bailey button (literally, see my receipt below). The least they could do is not hassle some guy with his four kids who’s trying to get a macro shot of an overpriced heirloom tomato that he is about to buy from them. Oh, and I was going to buy some of their cherry tomatoes for my salad as well but they had bugs crawling all over them. Someone at the Berkeley store should look into that. It was kind of gross.

Now I’ve done plenty of shooting in other grocery stores. I’ve never had a problem at Safeway for instance. But who knows, maybe they have a similar policy.

Whole Food’s policy is stupid though. The heirloom tomato salad was awesome, but I doubt I’ll be back any time soon. I didn’t mind so much being price go ugg bailey button uged on the two bags of groceries, but in general I don’t like to hang out in places that give me crap about my camera. They ought to rethink that policy and make their store a friendlier place to hang out and buy stuff at.

ugg bailey button 80 bags of heroin foundSo

80 bags of heroin found

So why has she not gone to jail yet she is the ring leader to a majority of the heroin supply in this area she needs t ugg bailey button o be sent to jail to help clean up herself and to stop her from destroying others lives with her manipulative lies. Kirby nichols needs to be reprimanded for her actions and for demolishing others self will and lives. The only reason I can see that she’s stayed out of prison is that she’s a narc and if that’s the case she prolly sent those three to holyoke for her and then narc’d on them to save her own ass for something. Either way she is destroying to many people with her disgusting ways and habits. Stop using men kirby for your own good and grow up. Did you forget you have 2 kids who love you and are going to have to grow up knowing what you are and there friends and the town knowing. You must love them enough to change so wake up grow up and get clean for you kids already

she takes everyone down with her. it doesn’t matter that she lost her nursing license, her kids, and her husband. obviously her relationship with the drug is far stronger and better than any of those three things alone she lost. i feel sorry for her kids, because they are the talk of town. they will have to grow up around knowing all of this. she took her own kids to go bail her husband out of jail. what great parenting, picking up their father who was in jail for three years. what a nice family trip that must have been. she doesn’t want her kids back, because if she did, she’d have them x amount of years after all of this. best thing for her is to be locked up. kirbie probably is a narc. wonder why she was sitting home when s ugg bailey button hit went down with them in adams. coincidence?

hater wrote:

This seems to be a const ugg bailey button ant thing for people around kirby nichols. So why has she not gone to jail yet she is the ring leader to a majority of the heroin supply in this area she needs to be sent to jail to help clean up herself and to stop her from dest ugg bailey button roying others lives with her manipulative lies. Kirby nichols needs to be reprimanded for her actions and for demolishing others self will and lives. The only reason I can see that she’s stayed out of prison is that she’s a narc and if that’s the case she prolly sent those three to holyoke for her and then narc’d on them to save her own ass for something. Either way she is destroying to many people with her disgusting ways and habits. Stop using men kirby for your own good and grow up. Did you forget you have 2 kids who love you and are going to have to grow up knowing what you are and there friends and the town knowing. You must love them enough to change so wake up grow up and get clean for you kids already

one of Drug Lord Thurstons enterprises has been compromised.

Our economy is based on greed and profit whether legal or not.

Greed and profit? Don’t you really mean education and job skills give one more money than a high school dropout gets who looks like a bum. In North Adams if one drives a car and wears clean clothes your type would think they were rich.