ugg 127 reasons why astronauts hat

127 reasons why astronauts hate space

For most of us, getting dressed for work is not something that we would consider a chore. We open the cupboard, pick a shirt and try to make sure that the rest isn’t too badly mismatched before stepping out to greet the day. Astronauts, however, do not have it quite as easy as we do. They may not have to make decisions on style, cut and colour, but they have to consider things like air pressure and possible bombardment by micrometeoroids. Getting it wrong could result in body fluids boiling and then freezing, as well as a severe case of the bends.

Space was not designed with tourists in mind. It’s a hostile environment with temperatures that fluctuate between 120 and 100 degrees Celsius and extreme r ugg adiation. There is no oxygen and no air pressure. Luckily, if you’re ever exposed to conditions in outer space, you’ll only be conscious for about 15 seconds before all the oxygen is sucked from your body. That way perhaps you won’t notice being pelted by friendly fire from casually discarded space junk, nor will you be aware of your vital organs expanding and bursting in the vacuum created by zero air pressure.

All those travelling to space are therefore very grateful for ugg the invention of spacesuits. Spacesuits perform a variety of functions all designed to keep those in them alive. They provide pure oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, regulate the temperature, protect against radiation and the dreaded micrometeoroids, all within a pressurised atmosphere. In addition to taking care of these vital physical needs, they also allow for (relatively) easy mobility and enable communication between astronauts in the suits and those within the (again, relative) safety of the space craft.

After much trial, error and refinement, the spacesuits worn for all of the Apollo missions consisted of a water cooled nylon undergarment, multi layers of nylon to maintain pressure, five layers of aluminised Mylar and four layers of Dacron to regulate temperature. They included additional heat protection in the form of two layers of Kapton, a layer of Teflon coated cloth and a layer of Teflon cloth to protect against projectiles, as well as boots, gloves, and a helmet. Not to mention the extra pairs of over boots and gloves that were needed to walk in space.

The modern spacesuit, known as an Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), is designed to be more flexible, comfortable and to provide greater ease of movement. The EMU consists of 13 layers of material. Materials used include Kevlar (of bullet proof vests fame), neoprene and urethane coated nylon, and spandex.

EMUs are of the one size fits all variety, as opposed to earlier models, which were specially tailored to fit the astronauts. They weigh 127 kg (twice as much as the Apollo suits), require a 25 step process to put on and take off, and cost $12 million each. Should astronauts find that they don’t offer the protection guaranteed, their next of kin can take the matter up with contractors Hamilton Sundstrand and ILC Dover.

Included in an EMU is a Maximum Absorption Garment (MAG) which collects urine and an In S ugg uit Drink Bag (IDB), so that the MAG has something to collect. These are actually two of the most important features of the EMU because astronauts can be stuck in their suits for up to seven hours, which is plenty of time for dehydration to set in. Working in space is challenging enough without astronauts ha ugg ving to worry about hydration levels and the next pee break.

In the future, astronauts can look forward to suits so lightweight that it would be like wearing a second skin. At least if scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) get their way. A team, headed by Dava Newman of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is working on developing a Bio Suit System that will augment biological skin and provide ‘mechanical counter pressure’. This means that it will combat the lack of pressure in space by applying its own pressure to the astronaut’s body. Designed as a spray on application, it will also enhance strength and stamina.

The suit isn’t entirely without constraint, however, as it’ll have to be worn with a hard torso shell, which would provide life support system and maintain pressure throughout the suit, helmet, gloves and boots. It’s still a far cry from the 127 kg worn by astronauts of today though, for which astronauts of the future will be profoundly grateful.

ugg 125kg of heroin seizedOffi

125kg of heroin seized

Officials said on Friday that they had made one of the biggest heroin busts in the country’s history, and had seized 125 kilograms of the narcotic that was found in ugg a refrigerated shipping container in the East Warf. The seized amount is valued at $0.55 million on the domestic market and $13.75 million on the international market.

During a press conference detailing the haul, Mohammad Ibrahim Vighio of the Model Customs Collectorate of Exports said that custom officers had found the heroin while examining a consignment of 5,400 bags of onions destined for Malaysia.

Custom officers found the heroin, concealed by solution tape and balloons, inside pouches that had been placed inside the onion bags. A total of 830 such pouches were recovered, each weighing between 145 grams and 155 grams, with a g ugg < ugg /strong>ross weight of 125 kilograms. Initial tests identified the substance as heroin powder.

The clearing agent, Khalil Muqtadir, and one of his employees were arrested. They revealed during questioning that the container had been filled at Janjal Goth Warehouse, located near New Sabzi Mandi. Further investigations revealed that the consignment had been handed over to the clearing agent by two person ugg s, named Azhar and Jaffar.

ugg 125k Wedding Guest Gift Bags K

125k Wedding Guest Gift Bags Kiss 95

As you can imagine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are pulling out all the stops for their upcoming wedding. If you thought Kim last nuptials to Kris Humphries were elaborat ugg e well this wedding will surely blow your mind!

Anyone lucky enough to attend the KimYe wedding will be spoiled by the couple with lavish gift bags. The couple allegedly plans to spend $125k on over the top gift bags that each attendee will get once the whole shebang is over. Oh and by $125k I mean $125k each guest. If you do the math that a whopping $25 million on party favors.

So what over the top items will be in these gift bags worth $125k each? $500 bottles of Bollinger champagne, $200 Creme de la Mer products, handmade souvenir trinkets with Kim and Kanye initials etched in Sw ugg arovs ugg ki crystals, bottles of scents from local perfumeries, and $250 vouchers for treatments at the hotel spa. Where my invite?

And Kim and Kanye have invited only the biggest names in Hollywood like Oprah, Jay Z and Beyonc, and even Presid ugg ent Obama and the First Lady. Sadly, those are just a few of the 100 top celebrities that have declined the invite. Hmmmm, why would anyone not want to see KimYe get married? Allegedly Beyonc and Jay Z refuse to go because the wedding will be televised for Keeping Up With the kardashians. And I am willing to bet the others that have said they won be there are probably over Kim and her over the top weddings. This will be her third you know!!

ugg 1250 1250W Power Supply Review

1250 1250W Power Supply Review

Seasonic X 1250 1250W Power Supply ReviewSeasonic makes some of the best enthusiast computer power supplies in the world. It has long produced some of the cleanest power producing PSUs along with being some of the quietest on the market. The new fully modular X 1250 sports many enthusiast features and touts gold level efficiency. Is this new X 1250 worthy Overview

The first thing we are going to look at with the Seasonic X 1250 is its packaging, accessories, and documentation. While normally none of these items is a make or break item for a power supply the packaging quite often contains a lot of information about the product we are purchasing. The inclusion of an owner manual that provides actual information about our product is also of great help. Accessories are almost unnecessary with a power supply as the unit is self contained, unless it is modular, but there are cases where a manufacturer can include useful accessories to make installation, routing, and use more efficient.

The packaging of the Seasonic X 1250 is very similar to what we have seen from other members of the X Series. The back of the packaging is accented in gold for the advertised level of 80 Plus certification. Given the importance that Seasonic has placed upon this aspect of the unit performance it is important to check this out. When we check the 80 Plus website, we do indeed find that ECOS/ECOVA certified this unit for 80 Plus Gold; how this unit will actually fare in this regard we will see later. Moving on now, the front of the package is barren other than the 80 Plus badge so we turn our attention to the rear of the packaging. On the rear, we find a lot of advertising that we have seen before from other X Series units. Included in this i ugg s the fan controller information, some benef ugg its of the Sanyo Denki fan that is used, as well as some design points and the fact that the unit is backed by a 5 year warranty. After looking at the rest of the packaging, we find the power label (reproduced below) and the connector count (reproduced below).

The power information for the Seasonic X 1250 is almost identical to what we saw from the XFX ProSeries 1250W. Once more, Seasonic claims that this is a single 12v rail unit like with the Platinum 1000. However, it has been reported by 3rd parties that these units actually have four 12v rails with the layout indicated here. With the previous examples I attempted to verify this arrangement, however with the units I had to test I could not trip the OCP using th ugg e above 12v layout. As such, while the unit may indeed have four 12v rails, it seems the OCP is set such that it is unlikely it will functionally be any different than a single 12v rail power supply to users. With all that said, the 12v capacity of this unit is 104A or 99% of the unit total output if necessary. When we look at the minor rails, we see that these are capped at 150W and each rail is individually capable of 25A. Moving on, we find that the X 1250, like the ProSeries 1250W, has 8 modified 8 pin PCI Express connectors, 8 Molex connectors, and 11 SATA connectors. This arrangement is certainly enough for the vast majority of users and seems well appointed given the market segment this unit is filling and the general specifications the unit carries.

Once we open the X 1250, we find the usual assortment of items that come with a Seasonic power supply including the power supply in a bag, mounting screws with Seasonic case badge, modular cables in a bag, the power cord, and the user manual. The user manual that comes with the X 1250 covers all of the current 80 Plus Gold rated units based on the Seasonic X Series design. It is 62 pages long in eight languages. Included in the manual is the power table for all of the X Series units, installation instructions, some troubleshooting instructions, and the warranty information. That is about it really. Indeed, this is probably the worst manual we have seen from a Seasonic unit in long time. It isn really clear why so m ugg uch was changed here, but hopefully Seasonic will go back to its previous manual designs as those were much more useful.

ugg 125 Dinner Straight Out of Top

125 Dinner Straight Out of Top Chef

The charmed Nina Compton is responsible for it. The executive chef recently made it to the Top Chef: New Orleans finale, only to lose to Nicholas Elmi at the very end in an unusual twist. And ugg by twist, we mean completely screwed up series of events.

We’re not just saying that because we love Nina, although we do who can help it? ugg She was consistent throughout the competition and didn’t blame anyone for anything. The same can’t be said of Elmi, who lashed out at the staff that led him to victory in the finale. Elmi may have gotten the final win, but Nina walked away with lots learned and the title of fan favorite. To show local fans her appreciation for all the support ugg , the Saint Lucia native is giving diners a glimpse of her experience on the TV show by offering a six course meal of dishes inspired by those she cooked on Top Chef. From now through the end o ugg f March and possibly extending into April, you can get a taste of the action for $125 per person. Short Order was invited to try it.

Head sommelier Zarko Stankovik will gladly pair your dinner with a variation of wines. All you have to do is ask. He’ll also walk you through everything from region and taste to how the climate and terrain affect that particular grape.

In Episode 12, “Mississippi Mud Bags,” chefs were given the challenge of creating a dish that highlighted two types of seafood for the Louisiana Seafood Festival. Nina served 200 people marinated wahoo with salsa verde, tonnato sauce, and pickled vegetables. We got to taste the refreshing rendition and got to understand why she was one of the top three during that round and why she chose it for the beginning of our meal. It was a perfect amuse bouche and cleansed our palate for what followed.

In Episode 7, “Jazz Hands,” the quickfire challenge was dubbed musical chairs and saw the chefs rotating in stations picking up on one dish where the last chef left off. The chef who finished it was the chef who was judged for the dish. Brian may have taken the win for his Asian flavored duck and mussels, but the judges raved about Nina’s spiced liver with serrano chilies, celery salad, and coconut curry mustard sauce. As a tribute, Nina has made a spiced roasted lamb belly (because no one really wants to eat liver) with a tomato mostarda and Brussels sprouts.

ugg 125 bags of heroin seized duri

125 bags of heroin seized during delivery

View full sizeSpecial to the Sunbeam/Pennsville PoliceBags of prepackaged heroin seized by Pennsville Township Police in a bust on South Broadway on Monday.

PENNSVILLE TWP. In what is being described as one of the largest busts of its kind here, two men are facing numerous charges after allegedly being caught in the delivery ugg of more than 125 bags of heroin, police said today.

Both Seager and Sanchez were charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with the intent to distribute, possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a school zone, conspiracy to possess a controlled dangerous substance and conspiracy to distribute a controlled dangerous substance.

According to Pennsville Police Lt. Allen Cummings, the arrests were the culmination of a week long investigation.

Police had received information that Sanchez would be returning to Pennsville in a 2003 Buick Rendezvous with a large amount of heroin. Monday Pennsville officers saw a vehicle occupied ugg by Sanchez pulling into the driveway of a home on South Broadway.

Cummings said Seager allegedly was in the house awaiting the arrival of Sanchez and the quantity of heroin.

As police watched, Cummings said, Seager allegedly went outside to meet Sanchez who was carrying a large, clear plastic bag containing the 125 packs of pre packaged heroin. At that point, police placed both men under arrest.

The heroin was wrapped in blue wa ugg xed paper which was folded and tucked into individual small resealable plastic bags.

JOSE ugg SANCHEZpolice officers in Pennsville are very aggressive and proactive against drug distribution in the township and with this seizure of heroin we were able to keep more than 120 bags from being distributed throughout the township, Cummings said.

ugg 1221 crach sensor side air bag

1221 crach sensor side air bag drivers side open circut G179

In the illustration, crash sensor for front side airbag is depicted on the passenger side. Remove bottom B pillar trim. Loosen seat belt, complete removal is not necessary. Remove foam piece below B pillar. Remove two bolts 2 at crash sensor from outside. Disengage tab on yellow connector 3 and disconnect connector. 3 Connector 4 B pillarObserve safety precautions after connecting the battery. If Airbag Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) K75 signals a malfunction after installation, DTC memory must be interrogated, erased and once again interrogated using VAS 5051 tester.I would (and ugg have) r ugg ecommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. Thanks, and be sure that I’ll be back whenever I need a question answered in a hurry.Stephanie PElm City, NCused your service this weekend with “Trecers” help. thank you ,thank you, thank you. replaced an A/C fan motor. Local Auto Zone had part. $15.00 “tracer” fee and $40. ugg 00 for parts, I saved several hundreds of dollers at a shop. i willrecommend you and use you in the future.David L.Richmond, TX9 dollars, 2 hours of my time, and I drove a ugg way. Your diagnosis was right on the mark. Thank you so much.Lurch. Thank you very much.Thank you Geordie, I will not hesitate to contact justanswer in the future!ton, WVAnother great insight to what may be the problem. I willWonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate. Couldn’t have asked for more. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

ugg 1200 Power SuppliesBFG Tec

1200 Power Supplies

BFG Tech LS 1000 and LS 1200 Power SuppliesBFG Technologies has recently gotten into the business of fully built computers called Phobos. While most of our readers may not want a computer built for them, you certainly want high quality components when you do build one. BFG Tech has recently started selling the 1kw and 1.2kw OEM computer power supplies previously reserved for Phobos owners only.

As we already know the BFG LS Series feature a single 135mm fan design that is used in the same vein as 120mm fans in that they can provide for quiet cooling environments due to the ability to move a larger volume of air at slower speeds than a smaller diameter fan. The 135mm fan is just short of the largest diameter fan we are likely to see in ATX power supplies given the physical constraints of the form factor. While great for quiet computing environments the key criteria in our evaluation is whether or not the cooling solution is sufficient, not necessarily it sound output level or form factor, although we certainly listen for offending units.

Externally both members of the LS family from the Phobos systems are identical except for the number of connectors. Both units come in a polished black finish that is smooth and lacks the embossed BFG logo that is found on most other BFG units (likely because these are OEM units). The top of the unit is dominated by the 135mm fan but again lacks the BFG logo while the rear features just the AC receptacle (absent is the on/off rocker switch). Both the LS 1000 and LS 1200 are 7 inches long and the cables reach out to 25 inches at the first or only connector with the sleeving being complete and well done on all of cables.

Looking at the LS 1000 from the top we see that this unit is the s ugg ame as the Enhance unit used in the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W. Once more we see the BFG LS 1000 utilizing that same dual 12v transformer desig ugg n, same over all layout , and the component selections we can see from here are also identical to that previous Enhance unit. The heasinks once more dominate this unit obscuring most components as they move heat into the air stream generated by the overhead 135mm fan that is provided by Young Lin Tech and is rated at 0.25A at 12v. Lastly, as we have said about each Enhance unit built on this platform before, the quality of the machine work on the heatsinks for this unit is superb.

As we move on to the primary side of the LS 1000 we that the unit features a pair of primary capacitors even though the unit is an APFC design, just like we saw previously with the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W. We find this pair of capacitors tucked under the main primary heatsink are provided by Nippon Chemi Con. They are rated a ugg t 420v 270uF each which again mirrors the 1000W Real Power Pro. Lastly, the heatsinks here are layered once more with various primary side components (like the rectifying bridge) receiving their own heatsinks.

On the secondary side of the LS 1000 we see that, like the Real Power Pro 1000W, the capacitors are an all Teapo affair. While also looking at the secondary side perspective we can see the small PCB that houses the majority of the input filtering components right above the AC receptacle, that when coupled with the few remaining components on the PCB, make the input filtering stage properly filled out. Moving on, the wiring for the unit dominates the majority of the frame and it is all bundled well with a few cables being sleeved all the way into the housing. However, the majority are not sleeved into the housing and there is no wire guard in place. Lastly, the fan controller and all the output protection circuitry is housed here on the main PCB right at the base of the input filtering.

Looking at the LS 1200 from the top we see that this unit is the same as the Enhance unit used in the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W. The BFG LS 1200 continues to utilize the dual 12v transformer design that we saw in the Real Power Pro 1250W. The component selections we can see from here are identical to that previous Enhance unit and it is laid out like the Real Power Pro 1250W as well. The heatsinks dominate this unit obscuring most components as they move heat into the air stream generated by the overhead 135mm fan that is provided by Young Lin Tech and is rated at 0.3A at 12v. Lastly, as we have said about each Enhance unit built on this platform before (including the LS 1000), the quality of the machine work on the heatsinks for this unit is superb.

Over on the primary side we that the unit features a pair of primary capacitors even though the unit is an APFC design. This pair of capacitors are provided by Nippon Chemi Con and are rated at 400v 390uF each. Interestingly, due to these capacitors height the primary heatsink has been cut to allow these capacitors to fit unlike the ones on the LS 1000. We also see the layering of heatsinks on the primary side once more as various primary side components (like the rectifying bridge) receiving their own heatsink which is good.

On the secondary side we see the LS 1200 differs from the Real Power Pro 1250W some as the veritable grab bag of capacitors (Teapo, Su and “MC”) are replaced here with all Teapo This would certainly be a bit of an upgrade as Su is bottom of the barrel and “MC” was a complete unknown. Moving on, we can see the small PCB that houses the majority of the input filtering components right above the AC receptacle which differs slightly from the LS 1000 with the addition of another X capacitor. Finally, we see the wirin ugg g is all bound up and routed out of the unit without a wireguard. However, some of the sleeving does come back into the housing, just not all of it.

The overall build quality of both the LS 1000 and LS 1200 was very good, just like the corresponding Cooler Master units we have reviewed before. Externally, both units come in a very basic glossy black finish that lacks the BFG branding found on BFG retail offerings. The cables are sleeved back to the housing in a black mesh but only some are sleeved into the housing itself. On interior of both units, the primary side features Nippon Chemi Con capacitors of varying size, neat construction, and the bridge rectifiers both have their own heatsinks. The dual transformer design is once more present and is responsible for providing the 6 virtual 12v rails on the secondary side. On the secondary we find that both the LS 1000 and the LS 1200 feature Teapo capacitors. This change up on the LS 1200 over the virtual grab bag of less desirable capacitors we found in the Real Power Pro1250W is definitely a good improvement. Lastly, the machining on the heatsinks is once more top notch and really adds to the overall fit and finish of the unit. Let move on now and see if this kind of attention to detail carries on to other aspects of the unit in our performance testing.

ugg 120 Water Cooling KitSwift

120 Water Cooling Kit

Swiftech was founded in 1994 as a company providing routine maintenance and R for high end Unix computers with a background in engineering. Since then, Swiftech has made a seamless transition into a company known around the world for producing some of the highest quality enthusiast water cooling components anywhere.

Swiftech’s innovative products have kept them on the forefront of the water cooling world. When there is advancement in water cooling technology, Swiftech has always been one of the few companies consistently leading the way. Swiftech’s water cooling products were not only some of the first commercially available water cooling produc ugg ts, but as our first (water block round up 2 years ago) shows, they have also consistently been a performance leader in the industry.

The H20 120TM series CPU liquid cooling kits continue our tradition of plug a ugg nd play high performance systems, by bringing to power users the efficiency and quiet operations of a carefully matched 120mm radiator and fan. Whereas the H20 120TM cooling kits will readily install in most chassis featuring at least one 120mm fan opening, they can also be installed without case modifications in almost any desktop computer by using our optional patent p ugg ending MCB120TM “Radbox”. Reliability of the kits is guaranteed by the new MCP650TM pump featuring a 5 year lifetime. The H20 120TM series CPU cooling kits include a number of options to accommodate most configurations, from serious to extreme cooling.

Swiftech products have undergone several design changes over the years to push the pace in the ever changing PC water cooling market. The H20 120 cooling kit is the latest design in a long line of water cooling products. Our job is to see how well the H20 120 compares to the competition and to see if it lives up to the Swiftech name and reputation.

Swiftech uses a nice “double box” method to ship their products. This prevents unwanted shipping damages and insures that your kit arrives at its destination unharmed. We coined the term “double boxed,” because the product is initially packed securely into the retail packaging (seen below) which is then placed into another shipping box filled with packing material. While most companies settle for slapping a shipping label on the retail packaging and calling it good, Swiftech doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to shipping.

The waterblock base features a thin pin design (281 pins)

The block is an all C110 copper construction, to exploit the high thermal conductivity characteristics of this metal

“Monolithic” construction: the base and housing are brazed together, assuring long term integrity of the joint

The all copper construction eliminates galvanic corrosion

100% quality control at the assembly line level: each block is factory tested to 25 psi (1.7 bars) to guarantee zero defect.

The 2.5″ x 2.5″ form factor enables the same block to be used with all current microprocessors in the Desktop and Server markets

The MCW6000 is a huge departure from the Swiftech blocks we have come to know over the last few years. Gone is the two peice design of anodized aluminum tops bolted to a copper base. The new design features a much smaller (2.5″ x 2.5″) footprint with an all C110 copper build. Both the upper and lower portions of the block are made from copper and brazed together for what Swiftech calls “Monolithic” construction.

The MCW6000TM waterblock is an extreme duty liquid cooling solution for high end microprocessors. Our engineering team focused on optimizing five essential design features: performance, reliability, compatibility, convenience, and cost. This is accomplished without sacrificing the essential performance and quality features demanded by high performance after market and OEM users alike.

Swiftech also offers an option they call a “RadBox”. The radbox is essentially a metal cage that holds the radiator / fan combo and allows the unit to ugg be mounted outside your PC case. The RadBox is a great idea for smaller / cramped cases but will not work with all cases. If you have the provision for a 120mm fan on the back of your case, the “RadBox” is a straight bolt on solution. If not, the “RadBox” may not be for you unless you are willing to do some modifications or use a custom made adapter plate for mounting. Also provided with the vinyl tubing are what Swiftech calls “Coolsleeves.” Coolsleeves are basically hard plastic “coils” that can be used over the top of the clear vinyl hose to prevent kinking. While Coolsleeves are definitely cool and an interesting addition to this kit, they are not required unless you plan to bend the hose at unnaturally sharp angles. Swiftech also includes 10 small tube inserts that slide into the end of the vinyl tubing to insure a tight fit when the hose is inserted into the quick connect fittings.

Overall installation of the Swiftech H20 120 is very straightforward and will vary from application to application but the basics are all the same. As with any water kit installation it is extremely important to situate and test fit the components in the place you plan on installing them. Test fitting the components allows you to make sure the parts will fit and also makes it much easier to measure and cut the required tubing more accurately. Remember it is always better to measure twice and cut once.

ugg 120 OT win over RocketsSpe

120 OT win over Rockets

SpecialsSecond Amendment and Gun ControlCPAC 2014Immigration ReformEnergy and EnvironmentHealth Care ReformBenghazi Attack Under M ugg icroscopeA Guide to the 113th CongressFaith and FamilyMasters 2014

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) There was some shouting going on in the Trail Blazers locker room after they fell behind by 10 points at halftime to the Rockets.

Up 2 1 in their first playoff series since 2011, the Blazers didn want to mess up Game 4, especially in front of their h ugg ometown fans.

the words of Chuck Charles Barkley we were playing like wussies, Portland guard Wesley Matthews said. was the message to each other. was said, the Trail Blazers pulled out of their funk and went on to defeat the Rockets 123 120 in overtime Sunday night to take a 3 1 advantage in the series that moves to Houston on Wednesday.

LaMarcus Aldridge had 29 points and 10 rebounds in the first win for the home team in the series, while Nicolas Batum added 25 points. It was the third game in the series decided in overtime.

The Blazers haven advanced out of the first round since 2000. Portland also hasn held a 3 1 advantage in a series since the 2000 Western Conference semifinals against Utah, which the Blazers won 4 1.

James Harden had 28 points and Dwight Howard added 25 points and 14 rebounds for the Rockets.

playoffs are a grind, Houston coach Kevin McHale said. a different game than the regular season. You got to be built for the grind. Mo Williams 3 pointer put the Blazers in front 105 104 with 18.9 seconds left. Dorell Wright missed the first of two free throws, making it 106 104 with 8.3 seconds to go.

Howard dunked off a feed from Harden with 3.6 seconds left to tie it and Williams missed a 3 at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.

Chandl ugg er Parsons was hit with a flagrant foul on Aldridge, who made both free throws to give the Blazers the lead to start off OT. Batum scooped up a layup before adding a 3 pointer and Damian Lillard made a layup to put Portland ahead 117 110.

Houston rookie Troy Daniels nailed a 3 and Harden landed a jumper to narrow it to 119 117, but Lillard made free throws to extend the lead to four points with 17 seconds left.

Aldridge missed a pair of free throws and Daniels was fouled by Wright on a 3 point attempt and made all three shots to ugg narrow it to 121 120 with 8.9 seconds left. After a Portland timeout, Mo Williams made free throws for the final margin.

was tough, Aldridge said. thought it was a gut check by everybody. I thought our guys took on the challenge. opened Portland return to the playoffs with a franchise postseason best 46 points in the Blazers 122 120 overtime victory in Game 1, then followed it up with 43 points in the 112 105 win. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.