A Critique of Online Florists


However, according to a recent surveythat the business of online florists is blooming.

Most of the appeal of online florists has to do with packaging. Of course, when buying flowers online you cannot actually look at them. This might be a disadvantage for the online florists or an advantage; it all depends on where you are looking the situation from kwiaciarnie szczecin. Even though you don’t see the actual flowers you buy, the online florist will show you a picture of the perfect bouquet, so you will think that everything will be fine. However, the flowers you buy will never look as gorgeous as the carefully arranged and photographed bouquets you’ve seen online.

There is one thing I really like about online florists and actually this is what made me use one for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to buy a very special bouquet for my girlfriend. However, most florist shops have a poor selection of flowers. Of course, the local flower shop cannot afford to have a great variety of flowers in stock as they lack a large warehouse. The online florists have much greater selection of flowers, they stock thousands of different flowers because they run a large warehouse that can ship all over the nation. Some florists online even allow you to custom arrange a bouquet. I just love that idea.

There is no doubt that the greatest advantage of the online florists is that they deliver flowers all over the country. Getting flowers from someone you know – a friend, a family member or a loved one is always a pleasant surprise, especially if these people are far away from you. Flowers bring memories to live, they provide a reminder why you like the sender and they are one of the few things that everyone loves receiving, especially if they’ve been sent from our significant other.

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